School's Motto:

School's motto:
"We must become the change we want to see."
(Mahatma Gandhi)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Thank you, friends from Varendonck College, Netherlands

                      Dear friends from Netherlands,
Our college has received some very beautiful postcards from Varendonck College, Asten, Netherlands.
The Dutch students who wrote us are: Hilke, Anne Kupers, Senya von Hoof, Noa together with their classmates.They are coordinated by Mrs, Annnalies Morris, coordinator of the whole exchange project.
The students wrote related to the following ideas:
1)They wrote about their typical sports: skating on ice, playing soccer, dancing as a sport.
2)They also mentioned their landscape that is flat, plains and hills without mountains.
3) They have some hobbies as: acting, playing hockey, drawing, scouting, listening to music, baking things (cakes and cupcakes), painting, singing.
4)Some typical things for Netherlands are the mills and the clogs.
5)The fact that Netherlands has a cold and wet weather.
6) The students also mentioned the typical Dutch food that is hotchpotch, sausage rolls and "frikandel" that is prepared of meat.

Thank you very much, friends from Netherlands, in the name of:
teacher of English, Mrs. Angela Porime, her students.
"Mediensis" Technical College's Principal, Mrs. Corina Tanase.

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