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School's motto:
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Saturday, January 24, 2015

“Postcard Exchange” Project - Results

The postcard exchange is a project that allowed the teachers and students to send and receive postcards from all over the world. The project was led by Mrs. Annalies Moris from Varendonck College, Netherlands. “Mediensis” Technical College was involved with two groups of students (selected from grades X A, XB, XC, XID) that were led by the teachers: Angela Porime, Anca Aflat and Delia Crisan. 

During this project we exchanged postcards and letters related to Romania and the following countries: 

1) Netherlands – both groups of students received postcards and letters from teacher Annalies Morris and her students.
  • the first group of students received letters about the climate, landscape, flowers, water system, typical Dutch food. The beautiful postcard and letters were written by the students: Tim, Kees de Veth, Peprun. 
  • the second group of students received postcards and letters related to Netherlands’ landscape and buildings. They were written by Thomas, Marrik and Maud. 

2) Canada – teacher Patti McCurdy, College Durocher, Saint Lambert, Quebec. The letters and postcards were written by the group of students no.205. They wrote about their school programme, landscape, traditional meal – called ”poutine” – and about the hobbies.
3) Australia – the letters and postcards were sent from Macleod College, Melbourne. They were written by the students: Amal, Shane and Panet. The subjects were related to Australia’s landscape, beaches, poisonous animals, sports – basketball, netball, soccer – favourite musical styles – pop, rock, electro – and the school’s programme. 

4) Senegal – Lycee Jacques Prevert, Sally Portudal. Sally Portudal sent a wonderful postcard and wrote about the official language, capital, climate and population. 

5) France – Madame Diack and her students from Nantes. Lucas and Karen wrote about Nantes and the river Loire and sent us a beautiful postcard. 

6) Canada – Ms. Kolbe and her students wrote related to their high school Manitoba, Winnipeg. 
  • the first group of students wrote about their school programme, sports as hockey, baseball, music and climate. The letters were signed by Ben, Caleigh and Sadie. 
  • the second group of students wrote about school subjects, sports as soccer, baseball, football; local parks and the climate.  Remarkable are the words written in the Romanian language by a student of a Romanian origin named Theodor Cristian Constantin.
Thank you, all the schools and colleges involved in this beautiful project. Thanks are also addressed to everybody who has contributed at this project, to the coordinator of the project Mrs. Annalies Moris, teachers and students.