School's Motto:

School's motto:
"We must become the change we want to see."
(Mahatma Gandhi)

“Culture in a Box” Project

School Project

“Culture in a Box” - Romania - Egypt

This year we have started a new project. The topic of this project is ”Culture in a box”. We have to compare the similarities and differences in art, heritage, monuments, crafts of Romania and Egypt.
We have collaborated with Mrs. Seethalakshmy, Academic Director in Beacon High School, Pune, India and her students.

Description of the project:

In our case there have participated two groups of students.
1). The first is a group of students from Xth grade - Aesthetics profile from “Mediensis” Technical College. They are coordinated by Mrs. Angela Porime, teacher of English. Their names are: Ana Maria Alecu, Andreea Bloos, Simina Stroia, Iulia Penescu, Toader Micu, Ana Maria Carculea.They have collaborated together, gathering information related to the subjects, taking photos, creating powerpoints. The first powerpoint is a general presentation of the students and their teacher, including their ages, e-mail addresses, hobbies, school interests.The second one is a comparison Romania-Egypt, including the following:
  • Romania - Sibiu, a previous cultural capital of Europe in 2007– the catholic church, Ramada hotel, main square with Astra film festival, the orthodox church, Brukenthal museum.
  • Egypt - Cairo, with the following objectives: Saint Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church, Khan el Khalili district, Tahrir Square, Al Azhar University, Giza Pyramid Complex, Luxor Museum.   
2). The second group of students was led by the manager of our school Mrs. CorinaTanase. The students who participated at this project are from the Xth C grade, Accountancy profile. Their names are: Denisa Savu, Ioana Crisan, Andreea Ignuta, Georgiana Jurcan, Iulian Moldovan, AncaSavu.
They made a powerpoint entitled ”Medias - my Hometown". They refer to: Forkesch Tower, Rosenauer House, Schuller House, Piarist School, Franciscan Catholic Complex, Municipal Museum.

This project represented an interesting and challenging experience, where both students and teachers found information related to the other country, particularly Egypt.
Thanks would be brought to all, namely to the teacher Mrs. Seethalakshmy from Beacon High School, Pune, India, to my manager Mrs. CorinaTanase, to our students.

Data: 27th March 2017

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