School's Motto:

School's motto:
"We must become the change we want to see."
(Mahatma Gandhi)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

“Europe Seen by the Young”- International project

This international project is held together with two countries: Poland and Turkey. The coordinator of the project is Mrs. Katargyna Wielgopolan from Polland. The duration of the project is of 2 years. The used language is English.


1. A chosen group of students exchanges e-mail addresses.
2. Masterchef International. - Each member of the project (each group) chooses two national dishes for the other members to cook and evaluate.
3. An international story (fairy tale), the title of which is to be suggested by the participants.
4. A guide of a young traveller. Each group chooses a country (their quide of the project member’s country) and creates a tourist guide with the most interesting places to visit by a young traveller.
5. The groups send each other seeds and bulbs of popular plants, then plant them and grow in their school gardens.

The Romanian team is formed of the college’s manager Mrs. Corina Tanase, the teacher of Informatics - Mrs. Delia Crisan, teacher of Economics Mrs. Maria Faur, teacher of English Mrs. Angela Porime.

Our first activity is called “Painting Eggs in Romania”.

The team
The activity took place in the week called “Scoala altfel” when our students developed extra school activities. There participated students from the grades – IXD, XA. The students were dressed in Romanian traditional clothing “Ia Romaneasca”. They read different materials related to: Traditional ”Ia”, painting eggs in Maramures and general things - Painting Eggs in Romania. The students together with their teacher painted the eggs using coloured paper.

The traditional greeting is “Hristos a inviat!” that is for the English words ”Christ has resurrected.”