School's Motto:

School's motto:
"We must become the change we want to see."
(Mahatma Gandhi)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Thank you, dear e-pals from Russia, France and USA

                This semester we have started a new correspondence through letters and postcards with some schools as:
1) Maycop- Russia
We received a beautiful Easter postcard from Maycop, Russia.The students also wrote about food specialities as: borch, pelmeny, shashlik. They were coordinated by teacher Vera Vasilchenko.
2)Nantes- France.
The students from Gutenberg secondary school sent us a postcard and a letter. They wrote about their hobbies like: practising sports, dancing, listening music . They also related about their culinary specialities : biscuit

LU and Berlingots.
3)Texas - USA
The letter and postcard we received from Texas contained ideas related to their state, vegetation( heavily forested state), the fact that it was governed by 6 flags. The students also wrote about their hobbies and kind of foods: frijoles, enchiladas, tamales.They have also added some photos with their school"Christolm Trail High School", their flag and types of food.

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