School's Motto:

School's motto:
"We must become the change we want to see."
(Mahatma Gandhi)

“ePals Global Community Project”- the second year

by Angela Porime

The second year of the “ePals Global Community” project was dedicated to a “Jump into ePals project”. It was held in a project workspace, an online virtual classroom, and it was moderated by Mr. David Wyatt, one of the ePals staff. The project had some assignment parts as: “What’s Unique About the Place Where You Live?”, “Jump Into Learning Centers”, “Jump Into Collaboration”, “Reflection”. 

The countries involved in this project were: Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, Sweden, USA, Romania and Spain. The teachers involved were: Ulrica from Sweden, Larissa from Russia, Gulzada from Kazakhstan, Renee from USA, Camino Garcia from Spain. “Mediensis” Technical College had a class formed of 25 students. Together with them, we exchanged information, photos related to our countries, hobbies, music, traditional customs, traditional kind of meals. I must mention the wonderful photos with Sitges-Spain, Clairton-USA, Adana-Turkey, Medias-Romania. 

There must be also remarked the photos with the traditional meals as: bici bici, paella, sarmale, kebap, cheese burger. Reflection: This was a successful project, where we used ePals mail, ePals forums, Smithsonian on ePals, ePals media gallery for collaboration, the teachers and students worked together for adding and editing subject related content. Thank you, Mr. David Wyatt and all the teachers and students involved for their collaboration.
Photos from our partners:

Adana - Turkey
Sitges - Spain
Clairton School - USA
Sitges School - Spain
Kebab - Adana, Turkey
Sarmale - Romania
Cheeseburger - Pennsylvania, USA
Paamb-tomaquet - Spain
Paella - Spain
Bici-bici - Turkey

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