School's Motto:

School's motto:
"We must become the change we want to see."
(Mahatma Gandhi)

“ePals Global Community” Project - the beginnings

by Angela Porime

Three years ago, I decided to join ePals as part of my school “Mediensis” Technical College. I registered, setting up my personal account. For activating my ePals account, I received an email with usernames and passwords for me and my students.
The next step was to create my classroom profile. I submitted my profile and got the approval. Having this approved profile I was able to participate in all aspects of ePals. I was able to send and receive emails. I was also able to search partner classrooms and teachers for collaborative learning experiences.

The most successful project was realized with Mr. Bulent Eskentepe from Turkey. My class was formed of 23 students and Mr.Bulent Eskentepe had a class including 27 students. My students sent introductory emails writing about their school, name, age, hobbies, subjects from school, their town and they received the same type of emails from their ePals. Together with Mr. Bulent, I wrote several presentations of our towns, Medias and Zakaraya, and our schools.

We also exchanged photos. We wrote about Romania and Turkey, exchanged videos made by the municipality of Zakaraya and photos from a photo album of Medias. We described our schools: Tansu Ciller School and “Mediensis” Technical College.

Photos from our partners:

City square


Cark Street

Cark Street - shopping area

The school

The sport hall and garden

The Turkish epals corner

The sport hall

City park

Lake Sapanca

The Black Sea Coast

Justinian Bridge

Forest park

Old water mill

Tarakli village

Cark Park

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